Blevin Blectum {Irradiance}

Entombed Zeros [10:34]

Enfolded Embers [4:54]

Warm Machines [5:14]

Incinerating Zeros [16:45]

Presages of Woe [8:14]

All tracks written + produced by
Bevin Kelley / Blevin Blectum at
Studio Sinopterus, Providence RI.

Artwork by Nicole Halmi.

Irradiance is comprised of material that was originally generated for an immersive installation/performance space with ten channels of sound spreading a moody delusion involving planetary/solar magnetic lines of force, antique hot air filling rooms through the patterns of decorative iron grates, late evening decrepit pump organ sessions, and real-time-processed scraps of percussion. Layers of synthesized, acoustic, and hand-held surreptitiously acquired sounds made their way in and out of the analog and digital domains, transforming, dissolving, and recombining until falling into their appropriate plateaus, constellations and configurations: through-composed solar rattling and reveries of rivers of subterranean solar magnetism.

Irradiance is available in a in a letterpress printed / hand numbered edition of 200 carefully crafted releases.

Release Date: March 1, 2014



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